The Most Important Rules for Women Engaged in Office Romance: Do’s & Don’ts!


An office romance is quite a frequent phenomenon nowadays. What rules do you need to follow in order to maintain a relationship without jeopardizing your job? Here is what you need to know.

For those persons who have a busy lifestyle: work, do sports and come back home tired, they start falling behind in the world of dating. You have definitely heard stories about office romances, as well as some love stories that began in the gym. In case you are among the first group, the following rules will help you survive at work.

Don’t ever tell anybody anything

iThe office is like a terrarium. This is where gossip spreads at the same speed as a race car. Remember, if you talk about your affair with a colleague or to a girlfriend working with you, it will not take too long before everyone finds out.

If you want to share something with someone, choose friends who are not related to your work. People often say that “nothing can stay buried for too long” – this is not true. The temptation to let others know that you are in great demand is huge! But by doing this, you will endanger yourself and your relationship.

Avoid corporate parties. If a non-attendance to the party is considered an insult; at least, try not to lean on alcohol. Remember, the surrounding people are not busy at this moment and they have more time for provocation. Also, try to refrain from eloquent and meaningful looks towards your partner in the office. Golden rule states to stay steer from fleeting embraces; after all, you have your own private place for intimate experiences.

Knowledge and guesswork are two different things. Even if you are free and have the formal right to start a romance with anyone, it’s better not to give precise guidance. The situation with the romance can unfold differently, and it is in your own interest to leave everything at the level of conjecture.

An interesting fact is that more than 50 percent of women have romances with their colleagues on business trips.

Talk about parting in advance

Most likely, that after a while your relations with your colleague will stop; however, the joint work will last. To avoid unpleasant situations, agree initially on how you will behave when the romance passes. It is very important to stay in good relations; otherwise, it is likely that you (or your partner) will have to look for a new job.
Try not to have an affair with your boss. The favorable outcome of such a relationship is virtually impossible.

Remember, an office romance is just sex

It is a dating advice for women from men. Of course, there are rare exceptions when office relationships lead to a wedding. But let’s be frank – it’s a rarity. Basically, office romances presuppose a good quality sex and relies on the fact that a man and a woman mutuallt want each other. If you understand this, there should be no difficulties with the break-up.

Work is the place to think only about work

Working time should not be hammered by distracting thoughts. This will definitely affect the quality of your work. As a result, instead of a pleasant relationship with your co-workers, you will end up having problems with your superiors. Also, your office fling might presume that you are ready to sacrifice your work reputation for him. Remember, work is always more important than doubtful relations.

Do not sacrifice personal time

Often women, when they fall in love, are ready to give up everything to just stay with their partner. If we talk about an office romance, this be affected by late work and continuous rejections for personal time. Do not do this! When you have finished working, go home. Let your man see you outside the office.
It is interesting: 60% of couples who have twirled a romance in the office, use different messengers for personal communication throughout the day.

You realized the romance was already gone

Statistics are a ruthless science. According to it, half of all office romances end quickly. The biggest drawback of these romances is that the former partner is still your colleague. “If the feelings are left in the past, the iron rule again comes into force – an absolute separation of personal life and professional interests,” says Lisa Fischbach. It is necessary to make an attempt to conclude a “gentlemen’s agreement” with the ex-partner about observing a peculiar code of honor. It is important to discuss how to avoid dramatic scenes, remain neutral and not to devote the entire office to what is happening.

After breaking the relationship, it’s better not to come across each other’s eyes. If daily meetings with a former object of passion turn into real torture, you should use every opportunity not to meet each other. For instance, move to another department or take a vacation. If this method does not help you, you have to look for another job.


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