A Cougar and a Cub – 9 Useful Rules for Dating a Younger Male Person!


It’s not surprising that cougar dating is like a magic elixir for middle-aged women. Regardless of the difference in age, women get great pleasure from meeting with a young man. Experienced cougars have developed several rules of behavior with a young partner. In this article, we will tell you all about these rules.

Rule number 1 – Be yourself

You do not have to seem like a different person. Be older and smarter, do not pretend to be a young woman. Young people are usually inspired by the experience and mind of an older woman. They love the mind and the ability of a woman to make the right decisions. They even like grey hair. So, be yourself and you will be happy.

Rule number 2 – Don’t agree with everything a man says

You do not have to agree with all the things that the young man says. To develop an optimal solution, you need a discussion. This will bring a spark into your relationship and remind you that everyone should think on their own.

Rule number 3 – Do physical exercises and eat right

A young man always wants his woman to fit his physical form. It’s not always an easy task for older cougars. Just do your best. You probably understand what we’re talking about. To support permanent endorphins, you need to keep your body toned. So, do not be lazy; get up and go to the gym. The same goes for nutrition. If you eat only fast food and candies, it is unlikely you will have a good figure and an excellent sex drive. Eat more natural foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, and healthy fats (omega-3 fatty acids that are contained in fatty fish, such as salmon).

Rule number 4 – Take dietary supplements

Women of age often lack vitamins and other nutrients. Therefore, you can consult a doctor and buy some useful supplement, such as a multivitamin complex or Maca extract. Properly selected dietary supplement allows you to normalize the hormonal background, increase sexual desire, increase energy levels, and much more. So it’s worth a try.

Rule number 5 – Travel together

Travelling is a good way to diversify your relationship! Vacationing on the beach or in the mountains is synonymous with romance. A new atmosphere surrounds you and pleases your soul. Several trips will help you test your relationship and gain new sensations. Planes, cars, hotels, and restaurants in other countries are all very cool.

Rule number 6 – Be patient

Relationships with a young man require patience. Of course, many young men are still inexperienced. Therefore, be calm and patient. Over time, your young man will learn everything necessary. Since you are older, you simply have to be smarter and help him.

Rule number 7 – Enjoy yoga and practice meditations

Spiritual practice is a very important thing that allows you to be young from the inside. If you are constantly focused, confident and happy; the young man will begin to follow your lead. Thus, you will have common interests. You begin to conquer yoga together and experience the wonderful world of meditation. Yoga moves you forward and gives you an amazing experience. Meditations help get rid of unreasonable fears and allow you to keep calm on a regular basis.

Rule number 8 – Do not mother a man

Simply because you are older than your young man, this does not give you the right to teach him, to cause him a sense of shame and guilt. Parties in relations should be equal. He already has a mother. He does not need another mother. A young man needs you to share emotions with him and to have a good time together. Maternity will lead to a catastrophe in your relationship. Another thing, you do not need to clean up after him. He will cope with the mess himself.

Rule number 9 – Be impressed by his actions and support him

Cougars are easily carried away by their young people, and often do not notice the unreasonable number of gifts and signs of attention. This can offend a young person. Be impressed by his actions. Also, you should support him at home and at work. Nothing attracts a young man like a supporting lady who admires his talents and abilities.

Rule number 10 – Do not pay attention to others

This is the last dating advice for women of an older age. Let’s start with the origins of the problem. Many people want to talk about the relationship between cougars and cubs. Some people have tried to start such a relationship. Some have failed. Some support only traditional relationships and cannot even imagine a different age relationship.

Try not to be influenced by the opinions of others. If you love each other, age does not matter. So, stay calm, stay with your opinion and just enjoy the relationship. Older women are usually very smart. They know what they want. And young people love this confidence in women. If you are confident in a relationship and your young man is confident, what can stop you? Probably nothing.

We hope these 10 tips will help you to build a relationship with your partner. We wish you good luck and happiness!


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