Best Dating Advice and Tips for Women from Men: Warnings, Reviews.


In this article, we’ll give you some online advice & tips for women that we extracted from men. We will also direct you towards some interesting books related to this topic.

8 dating advice for women from men

Let’s say that a man liked a woman during an online conversation. How should she behave with him on her first date, not to frighten him away? For this, you just need to look at things from his side, wearing the shoes of a man. From what it seems, it is no tthat complicated.

Check out these 8 dating advice for women from men (for the first date):

1. Dress properly. It is the most important first-date advice. This does not mean that you should go over a your entire wardrobe for 3 hours, try on tons of dresses and as a result choose jeans and a sweater. It means you should wear something different than usual outfit. In the effort to “be yourself” or, on the contrary, to overly show off, the lady will not succeed. If she usually walks in torn sneakers or hides her hair under the hat even in the summer, then at least for one evening she should move away from her usual behavior, and tell her man about it later when he falls in love with her. “He should accept me as I am” – the statement is true, but you do not need to abuse it. The outfit and the image of a woman must represent some eroticism. This eroticism should be light and exciting, not vulgar. It generally does not oblige to anything, but it is very pleasant to men. Shapeless shirts and bad haircuts are bad choices.

2. Makeup and fragrance. The second date advice is to supplement the female image, taking into account individual preferences. Women who generally do not use makeup and perfume can, of course, take the risk and come in their regular natural image. However, they are at risk of being rejected and end up not having a second date.

3. Allow a man to take care of you. If a man is timid, he can be hinted unobtrusively. If a woman does not want to hint and expects an initiative from a man, she may not succeed, it’s a matter of luck. A man likes to fulfill the wishes of women, her small whims. If, however, for the first three dates he did not understand this, it is a neglected case, and a woman should change her boyfriend.

4. Ask less stupid and too serious questions. The first category includes questions like “What are you thinking about?”, “How are you?”, “What’s new?”. The second category includes questions about the personal life of a man, his parents, children and problems at work. For a woman, it is important to learn only one thing: whether a man is single or married (in a relationship). But it’s better to ask such things before the first date in order to avoid some dangers, such as disillusionment and getting dumped. It is the right advice, do u agree?

5. Do not hang your problems on the man. Maybe a man will be noble and help, who knows. But, most likely, he will do it at first and for only one time, just out of kindness. It makes no sense to talk about different problems during the first date.

But there are women who believe that one must be extremely sincere at once and load an almost unfamiliar person with all their hard fate. In fact, you can “load” gradually, a little bit, as your relationship develops.

6. Warning: do not talk about other men. This tip should be emphasized. Women sometimes make such a mistake – they start conversations about their former partners and/or about colleagues, male friends, husbands of their female friends, etc. It does not matter, whether the woman says bad or good things about these males, men do not like it. On the first date, the conversation should be related to its participants.

7. Warning: don’t focus on children. It is the second fatal mistake of women. Men do not like nervous single mothers who cannot spend a single second without their child. You do not need to take your child with you on the first date. The same goes for animals. Men can’t stand the mad cat-loving woman, dog-loving woman, and the like (except when men love animals).

8. Don’t show man’s skills. Even if a woman has aikido skills, can bend the armature and drive a helicopter, she can casually mention this, but she shouldn’t show these skills. The same goes for the business lady: on a date, it is better to leave the skills of a talented entrepreneur in the office.

These were the main dating advice for women planning their first dates with men (based on real stories). These tips are applied to both  older men dating younger women or younger men dating older women.

Some dating advice for women of older age

Dating tips for older women have some specifics. So let’s start.

  • Don’t worry about how your body looks;
  • Your face is perfect, remember it;
  • Let things develop organically;
  • Don’t show “controlling behavior”;
  • Listening should be mutual;
  • Don’t speak about money (except when you are a cougar).

Some of the best dating advice books for women

Want to get professional dating advice? Here are some of the best dating advice books for women:

  • He’s Just Not That Into You (Greg Behrendt). This book written by the former story editor of Sex and the City has a lot of positive reviews.
  • The 30-Day Heartbreak Cure (Catherine Hickland). The book contains useful dating tips for women and guides for life.
  • Why Men Love Bitches (Sherry Argov). This book is full of advice aimed at makingwomen stronger & self-empowered.
  • Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man (Steve Harvey). This book provides the best advice for women from men.

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