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Situations where women dating older men are very common in the modern world. But often there are opposite cases when older women meet younger men. These women are called cougars. In this article, we will tell you about cougar dating, the best cougar dating sites, as well as where and how to find cougars. Let’s start!

Cougar Dating – What is it?

Middle-aged females are liberated (emancipated). Realizing that they have nothing to lose, they are ready to experiment in bed, moving from fantasy to embodiment. The desire to try something new with an aging partner does not arise; especially, if he is completely immersed in his problems.

Decrease in value of shares, bankruptcy or merger, alcohol, stress; all this leads to a decrease in the level of potency and sometimes even completely reduces it. This could lead to erectile dysfunction. Young lovers usually do not have problems with sexual health. British studies show that every fourteenth woman wants to meet a young man.

A survey of thousands of women explained that a young lover or husband allows a woman to feel younger by an average of four years.

But do not delude yourself, every medal has its drawbacks. In addition to a pleasant pastime and, of course, a good sex life; the young man brings other changes to the usual schedule. Twenty-seven percent of cougars admit that, in order not to offend the guy, they have to visit bars and nightclubs. They also make considerable efforts to maintain an unfading beauty and good physical form.

But it seems that this does not stop women – they are no longer ashamed and do not hide their young lovers or companions; moreover, they actively use the services of the best sites offering dating older women. Studies have shown that the greater the age difference, the happier a woman can be.

Scientifically, the puma (cougar) effect is when the female species of these adorable animals prefer younger partners. That’s why middle-aged women with young people are called cougars.

Thirty-six percent of women say that older men are too conservative, too dependent on their own life standards, immensely angry and irritable. They describe them as being extremely serious. Every fifth woman thinks that they are more boring; and more often, fail in bed. Women argue that younger partners are more cheerful and have a more relaxed attitude to life. But meanwhile they recognize that older men are more gallant and reliable. Three out of ten women, who participated in the study, said that they do not believe that young lovers stay for too long. They believe those latter will leave them for the sake of a girl of the same age, at the first opportunity. However, this does not stop women. They are looking for “toy boys”, because stolen waters are sweet.

Where to meet cougars?

Do you want to find cougars? If so, where to meet cougars? Let’s be honest, it can take a long time to meet single women. You have to prepare yourself, get to the bar and spend a few hours talking to female persons. It should be noted that visiting a bar does not always bring the desired results, because, the right woman can not simply appear there.

If you value your time, you should use the World Wide Web. A lot of single females, especially older females, have abandoned bars and are looking for young men through the Internet.

Features of best cougar dating sites

Cougar website is a site offering services for cougars and those seeking to meet older women. For example, OlderWomenDating is one of the top sites for cougars and cubs. It has long existed on the Internet. OlderWomenDating offers good user protection and a mobile application that allows you to stay connected, at any moment. According to reviews, many users are satisfied with this website.

CougarLife is one of the biggest online dating sites for cougars seeking younger males and vice versa. You may find thousands of possible partners who are looking for friendship, sex, and love. One excellent feature of the website is “Find a Date Tonight.”

At cougar sites, you can find useful recommendations, for example dating tips for women. The most important of these tips include:

  • Be playful. Making the decision to be with a young man, you return yourself to adolescence. Do nonsense and have fun.
  • Do not pay attention to the comments of friends and girlfriends. These comments are typical: “he only wants to have sex with you”; “he is looking for a “mother” who will take care of him”; “you need a man who will take care of you”. Friends and family are worried and have stereotypes, according to which your companion should be older than you. But, relations with peers also have many risks.
  • Decide on future children (it is important to know whether a man is ready to become a dad or not) and existing children (whether he wants to communicate with your children or not). Your children can become a serious obstacle in your relationship, especially if they have a slight age difference with your chosen one.
  • Don’t regret what you did, it is much more unpleasant to regret what you did not do.
  • Do not panic about the age difference! This never leads to good feelings. It only speeds up the process of breaking up.
  • Do not tell everyone about the age difference between you and your partner. Many will not even pay attention to this. And if they pay attention, do not worry about it.
  • Do not be tempted to become his “Pygmalion” and do not try to become his mother. You are his woman and are happy to be just a woman!

There are different types of cougar dating websites, for example, Asian cougar dating sites, websites providing cougar dating app(s), portals offering cougars near me services, and so on.

Where to find cougar dating sites? The answer is simple. You can easily find top free cougar dating sites via Google, Yahoo, or another web search engine.

Cougar Dating Sites and Ordinary Dating Websites

Top sites for dating are a great opportunity to find your destiny, despite the distance. There are many examples of happy marriages that could not take place without a dating site. After all, the probability of meeting people who live hundreds of kilometers apart, is negligible. However, the probability of meeting your destiny, who lives in a neighboring house, is also not so great. Let’s imagine, you are an owl, while he wakes up early in the morning, and the like. You cannot notice each other for various reasons. But, a dating site will help you meet and start a relationship.

Web resources, whose mission is the reunion of lonely hearts online, came to replace the numerous marital agencies that collected the questionnaires of single men and women.

Virtual dating rooms have their advantages for customers, such as saving time and money in search of soulmates, including those among foreign people. But, there is the reverse side of the coin. On a dating site, it is not easy to determine who actually a virtual person is. Understand that the appearance of a person is so often deceptive, needless to say about small profile pictures. No one is immune to disappointments.

Cougar dating sites and sugar baby sites

For many women, the most cherished dream is a rich and successful man, but many, unfortunately, cannot meet a suitable partner. Even visiting other dating sites, no one can guarantee that a man will be exactly the same sugar daddy that a woman wants. Many perceive a word “sugar baby” as a bad one. Often, such a girl is perceived as a dissolute, inconstant person; but, in fact this is often far from the case. A good sugar daddy knows the true meaning of this word and correctly interprets it. Sugar baby can be either a mistress of a married man or a companion of an unmarried man. Under any circumstances, she will always be a decoration of his life. Sugar daddy, in turn, will indulge her every whim, give beautiful and expensive gifts.

Many future sugar babies ask questions: where to meet sugar daddy or where to get acquainted with a rich man? They really want to find a sponsor but there is no result. So how to date a sugar baby?

The answer is very simple: look for sites on the Internet, watch ads, register, and find your dream. Many sites provide data about men, who are divided by categories, such as “interests”, “age”, and “preferences”. Men and women can communicate via websites and decide on where to date in real life.

One of the most known sugar baby websites is Seekingarrangement. Any person can register at this website. To do this, you should enter Seekingarrangement, indicate your sex (male or female), indicate what you want to find (sugar daddy or sugar baby), and type your email address. After registration, you will have an opportunity to seek sugar daddies and sugar babies in your area. If a man wants to find a sugar baby in a particular country, he can use international or local websites. For example, in Russia, Soderjanki (Russian women dating website) has a great popularity.