How to Maintain a Relationship During a Long Separation – 5 Useful Tips!


Love, at a distance, is a phenomenon that has become an integral part of modern life. It doesn’t mean a short separation lasting for just a few days or weeks, for example, because of a business trip.

Sometimes the circumstances force us to stay away from a beloved one for months and even years. Not all relationships can withstand this test. However, if people are able to keep feelings from a distance, then it says a lot about their relationship to each other. Usually, after such separation, love becomes only stronger, and people get closer.

There is no ideal “recipe”, to successfully overcome the stage of a relationship associated with forced separation. However, psychologists have compiled a list of recommendations that can brighten up the waiting time, and bring the relationship to a new level.

1. Before the separation frankly talk about your plans and hopes

Do not give vain promises to marry your partner just to ensure that your relationship has a kind of insurance. Such solutions will not be effective if your views on the future and the vision of ideal relationships differ significantly. Therefore, before the separation, it is necessary to discuss all the most important and disturbing questions. How long will you be living at a distance? How do you plan to spend this period of your life? Do you want to continue your relationship at all? And if so, how should they develop in the future? If you have a clear idea of when you will meet and what will happen; then, it is much easier to survive the separation.

2. Talk and write to each other as often as possible

In any relationship, the most important aspect is physical contact, as well as such manifestations of love as touches, tender looks, kisses and hugs. But during a distance relationship, all this is impossible. The only thing that is available is to see a person through a camera and hear their voice. Moreover, there are such additional difficulties as different working schedules, a different time zone, and a huge number of important tasks, the implementation of which takes a lot of time. Therefore, it is important to discuss beforehand when you will be free from each other. Regular communication is a very important condition for maintaining feelings during a long separation.

3. Create new traditions that matter only to you

The rhythm of modern life often leads to the fact that, even being in a relationship, people move away from each other and stop finding common ground. If all this happens at a distance; then after a while, feelings will begin to weaken, giving way to closer and more understandable things. For example, these can be working issues, meetings with friends, and personal hobbies. It is worth remembering that happy relationships are only possible when people are constantly working on them. Relationships succeed when one finds time for a beloved one, even in the busiest schedule. To strengthen the intimacy that exists between both of you, create your own traditions that evoke the warmest feelings. For example, daily wishes of a good morning and declarations of love before going to bed are a good start. From another angle, during separation, you can send your beloved one your photos telling them about your day.

4. Even being at a distance, please each other with “dates”

Your assistant in solving this problem is modern technology. Spend a joint romantic dinner over Skype, telling each other about the latest developments. Naturally, such a date can not give the same emotions as a real meeting; but, in distant relationships, it is important to use even such simple opportunities. In addition, you can watch movies together or read books, discussing their brightest moments. All this will help you keep the closeness started before your separation. You will prevent visiting free cougar dating sites by your beloved one.

5. Find a new common hobby

Naturally, common interest is much easier to find when you live together and can spend time, together, daily. But, sharing a hobby is a great way to strengthen distant relationships. For example, start watching an interesting TV series or playing the same game. The more common interests you have, the easier it is to maintain a relationship when you are separated by hundreds of kilometers.

Life does not always evolve according to the ideal scenario, in which we are constantly close to our beloved one. However, any difficulties should be taken as trials; having gone through them, we can become happier. To keep the relationship at a distance, continue to work on them, communicate more with your beloved one, and strengthen the proximity by all possible ways.


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