Most Famous Hollywood Couples, in which a Woman is Much Older than a Man!


Famous women in Hollywood prove that all ages are submissive to love. They show us that age difference is not a hindrance to a happy and strong family.

In show business, couples with a big difference in age are becoming more common. In such relationships, men are not necessarily older (therefore, mature dating sites are so popular).
Hollywood beauties prove that in rare cases such love affairs turn out to be quite strong.

1. Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling

One of the most desirable men on the planet, 36-year-old actor Ryan Gosling is 7 years younger than his beloved one – 43-year-old Eva Mendes. The age gap did not prevent the couple from being happy together, and bringing up their daughter Esmeralda.

2. Deborra-lee Furness and Hugh Jackman

The sex symbol of millions, Hugh Jackman claims that, throughout his life, he was faithful to only one woman – his wife. There is a 14-year age difference between them. The actor married his Australian colleague Deborra-lee Furness before he became famous. The couple met on the set of the Australian television series, Corelli; and, since then, has lived together for many years now.

Despite the attacks of fans and even rumors of homosexuality, Hugh Jackman claims that he has never loved anyone as much as his wife.

Last year, Hugh Jackman and his wife Deborra-lee Furness celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary. On Instagram, the Hollywood actor shared a wedding photo, in which he and his wife are sitting at a festive table, smiling at all their guests.

The 48-year-old actor and his 61-year-old wife have two adopted children. A big age gap has not prevented the couple from having a firm marriage, and the couple have been together for two decades.

3. Tilda Swinton and Sandro Kopp

The popular androgynous actress Tilda Swinton is known for her love for everything that is not ordinary. She has chosen a lover, matching her own image: a little-known artist Sandro Kopp.

The age difference between Tilda and Sandro is 18 years. This does not seem to prevent the couple from living happily, in a modest house in Scotland and raising the actress’s children together.

However, rumors about these relations never stop. There has been some press noise that the actress’s former spouse John Byrne lives together with Tilda and her young lover. They claim that he is enjoying the rights of a second husband. The star herself refutes such gossip. It is noteworthy that the ex-husband of Swinton is 20 years older than the actress.

Tilda Swinton loves experiments. In 1995, she joined the performance Cornelia Parker, a scandalous British artist. Following her footsteps, Tilda spent 8 hours a day, in a closed glass cube, at the Serpentine Gallery. Years later Tilda confessed that, when old, she want to die in that cube. The actress repeated the same experience/performance, several years ago, in the New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). A few years ago, at a rock festival in Iceland, Tilda performed along with director Jim Jarmusch, where she did not sing. Instead, she arranged a musical performance, reading the poems of a Persian poet from the 13th century.

4. Sam and Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who played the young lover of the married Anna Karenina in the movie, even surpassed his hero in real life. The age difference between the actor and his wife, director Sam Taylor-Johnson, is 23 years.

Sam fell in love with her husband when he was only 15 years old. Then Aaron starred in her film Becoming John Lennon. Despite the age difference, the couple leads a happy marriage life. Together, they have two daughters. The young husband is so devoted to his wife that he decided to take her last name – Taylor.

5. Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart

Pop diva Jennifer Lopez did not always prefer men younger. At first, she had a serious relationship with Puff Daddy. She was also with Ben Affleck, who is the same age. Then, she married Mark Anthony.

After these relationships, the star realized that she needed an energetic and young partner. So in 2011, she began to go out with the dancer Casper Smart. JLo is 17 years older than Casper. After a short break in 2015, the lovers started to date again. They even flirted around the idea of a wedding. However, in August 2016, they announced their decision to remain close friends. According to the insider, the reason for the break-up was the young lover’s unfaithfulness.

She broke up with him, because she caught him cheating. It happened more than once. The first time, it happened two years ago; then, promised that this happened only once and would never occur again. Soon after, he did it again and she broke up with him. “He deceived her, so it’s all over, although he begged Jennifer to return”, the insider said.
From December 2016 to February 2017, Jennifer Lopez had a small affair with rapper Drake. In March 2017, Lopez began to go out with baseball player Alex Rodriguez. He is just 7 years younger than Lopez.


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