OkCupid Dating Application – Review, Advantages and Disadvantages!


In 2004, OkCupid was just this ordinary website that invited users to answer questions, allowing to identify certain aspects of the personality. Now OkCupid is a large dating website and app where you can find & meet cougars, cubs, and other potential partners. In this article, we will tell you all about this application.

The introduction to OkCupid

You have the possibility to engage in endless interesting chats and acquaintances with people who might be really interesting to you. This is what this website is all about.

You can download their app via Google Play or App Store. It works on both Android and iOS devices. This program is very similar to Tinder and Badoo. It allows you to find registered men and women who live nearby.

OkCupid registration

Registration is done via e-mail and filling-in standard fields.  You can also access the application using your Facebook account. Once in, you need to fill out the profile, your profile. It is a great idea to add photos and make your profile very informative. Users of the application will have the right idea about you. Also, you can fill out a large questionnaire. As a result, the system, based on your answers, will select potential interlocutors, given your preferences.

When launching the application, you can choose which type of relationship you are looking for. After that, it will be easier to find the profiles of people with the same preferences as you (for example, senior casual dating). So, for example, if you are interested in dating partners of the same sexual preferences/orientation as you, you can easily find them.

If you are in search of communication and, perhaps, a beloved one, OkCupid can help you. Dating, meetings, conversations – all this you can get, if you decide to download this dating app for iOS & Android devices.

User reviews of OkCupid

Users note that the significant advantage of OkCupid is that you can find more than just photos in this tool. You need to answer a lot of questions. Then, you can look at people who answered them in a similar way, and write them a message. The questions are clearly formulated and can easily cut off people with homophobic, racist or sexist preferences. Simply do not enter into a dialogue with such people and do not waste your time. Also in each profile, you can see a list of the person’s favorite books and movies.

Some people chose OkCupid because they like the idea of the mathematical calculation of a suitable partner, based on the results of a questionnaire. Thanks to this feature, you will not be meet an uneducated or bad person. Therefore, you need to take the questionnaire seriously and fill it out properly.

However, not all users follow this approach. Some people can send stupid, unpleasant, and rude messages, such as “hi, how are you?” and “would you like to f ***?”

There are other negative reviews about the application. According to one woman, OkCupid is at the first glance a free and understandably arranged app. It is, somehow, very annoying as it sends an endless number of alerts, even when you do not receive messages. OkCupid is not connected with Facebook (though you can be authorized via Facebook). It does not know where you work and who your friends are. It offers to search for a lover by geolocation or using a questionnaire with difficult questions like “Does carrying a gun make you safer?” The woman had the patience to make the hard choice between “rather no” and “very important” exactly 10 times. Most of all her life rinciples coincided with those of  a 46-year-old Abdullah from Cairo.

In fact, you’re not obliged to pass the questionnaire, and search through the Quickmatch function, an endless gallery, where only the photo, age and location are visible. You have a possibility to view profiles of other users and leave likes. However, to view the full profile, Okcupid may require you to purchase a membership in the VIP club.

The bottom line – pros and cons of the app

OkCupid has a very nice and simple interface. The search algorithm is not strictly related to the location, as in case of other applications. So you can search for potential partners in any country. If you like a certain type, you can filter users by nationality, age or even keywords.

Other benefits of the application include:

  • ability to make your account via Facebook;
  • receiving instant notices of dating offers;
  • the use of good algorithms to match sympathies, which increases the likelihood of successful meeting;
  • the possibility to assess users by using a special scale of profiles;
  • a simple interface (nevertheless, some people consider this as a drawback, they need bells and whistles);
  • the possibility to see the date and moment, as a ‘last seen on’ the site by other people.

As for disadvantages, they are as follows:

  • the need to buy different “features” to improve the status of your profile;
  • instances of sudden & motiveless deletion of profiles;
  • non-free A-list (white list of people);
  • the necessity to purchase an A-list if you have to store more than five hundred messages.

Generally speaking, OkCupid is a decent dating application that will help you find at least good interlocutors; or, even your beloved one.


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