Older Russian Women Dating Websites Online – Top Reviews of 2017/2018 Year.


You’ve probably heard a lot about Russian women. Men from different countries of the world eagerly want to find a Russian woman for dating & marriage. In this article, we will tell you about the special features of Russian females (both young and older) and places where you can find them (i.e. top sites).

Why are Russian women-dating so popular?

Many American and European men consider Russian women very attractive. Foreign males dream to have an affair with Russian beauties, some of them later admit that the fleeting holiday romance with a Russian lady has become almost the most striking adventure of their life. Some, taught by bitter experience, on the contrary, are afraid of Russians as they are afraid of fire. A lot of free sites and pay sites are full of ads that a rich foreigner is willing to marry a Russian female even with children.

Russian girls are beautiful, stylish and desirable persons. According to reviews, this is what foreigners think of Russian women. Slavic appearance, of course, is very popular in the West countries.

Usually, men start looking for a Russian woman after reaching 40 or 50 years. In his native country, it is difficult for a man to find a girl of childbearing age who is ready to marry him after a couple of months of dating, while in Russia fast marriages are habitual. Moreover, Russians are happy to receive a wedding offer as soon as possible, while an American woman will be surprised and may refuse. Why? Western girls do not dream of marriage as the most important event in life, unlike Russian women.

Russian women-dating is an easy task, while American women dating can take a long time. Ease of courtship and the willingness to get married quickly, without long-term “verification”, cause a popularity of Russian women.

There are many examples of American (European) male celebrities choosing Russian women:
1) American actor Adrian Brody (famous for “Pianist” and “King Kong” movies) and Russian model Lara Lieto (her real name is Larissa Tyaka);
2) famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and Russian model Irina Shayk (however their romance has already ended);
3) French businessman Antoine Arnault and Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova;
4) Jim Carrey and Russian student Anastasia Vitkina (they met from 2011 to 2012);
5) Actor Mickey Rourke and model Anastasia Makarenko (the couple broke up recently).

Possible drawbacks of Russian women dating

Unfortunately, a man, for a Russian woman, is often just an object. She wants to get married, that is, to wear a wedding dress and become a legal wife of a man. The man himself is of little interest to her, she is only interested in her own status (whether she is married or not).

A Russian woman is often unable to partnership relationships. A man always owes something to her, because he is a man. Many Russian women think that a man should be an “earner” without asking a man himself. A Russian woman is sure that her husband should make money. And, besides this, he must pay for her purchases.

An American or a European who decides to date a Russian woman should understand that after the beginning of the relationship, he will be forced to communicate with the woman’s family. Jokes about mother-in-law are a reality that is incomprehensible to a person who lives in another country. The average European or American “flies out of the nest” early enough and does not return there. He maintains friendly relations with his parents, but this relationship is not very close. A Russian woman remains her mother’s daughter as long as she has a mother.

There is a myth: every Russian woman is a good housewife who can cook borscht (or shchi) perfectly. If she does not know the recipe for this “mysterious dish”, it means she is not from Russia at all. The stereotype that all Russian women cook a lot of tasty dishes is very popular, especially among Americans. They can be understood, because many American women can not cook, they can only make a burger. But unfortunately, in many cities of Russia, this stereotype has not been relevant for a long time.

Some men prefer experienced older females from Russia, so here is where these males can find Russian cougars.

Features of older Russian women dating websites

Among the best sites for older Russian women dating are Lavaplace, RussianCupid, Marmeladies, etc. These websites offer user-friendly service combined with sophisticated searching facilities and messaging possibilities that make the search for true love easy & enjoyable.

A dating website isn’t an only option to find older Russian women. You can also use a specialized application – cougar dating app. You can find such an application at cougar dating sites, on Google Play Store and AppStore (for iOS devices). Would you find such an app useful? Yes, we think so.

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