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If you type “younger women dating older men” in Google, you will receive about 5,500,000 results. However, search query “date with older women” gives about 261,000,000 results! Many guys (the so-called cubs) want to meet older women while many senior females (the so-called cougars) want to find young lovers. Where there’s demand, there’s always supply. As a result, older women dating sites are very popular.

Why older women are dating younger men

A middle-aged woman is often looking for a young man for sex; and extremely rarely, for the propagation. Before menopause, the female body actively uses the remaining eggs. In the body, hormones are released, the woman begins to have this younger look. Social factors (children grew up, the woman finally started having some time for herself, she is independent and often earns enough to satisfy most of her needs) also contribute to the need of a woman to have a young lover.

Here is the list of possible models of behavior when older women are dating younger men:

1. Old women (“mother”) are looking for a young man (“son”). Psychologically, a woman his all grown up, but she is not ready to give ground and wants the bright sex with an attractive, active (unlike her husband) young man. She finds a young cub and exploits him. Sometimes, men dating older women can use a woman; for example, financially. This cannot be called bad practice. This is a variant of a relationship that both parties are somehow happy with.

2. Women, like men, want to do everything to look younger. Having made a facelift and dressed with some youth fashion, they do not take into account that it is impossible to live at the rhythm of 20-year-olds at the age of 45 years. With these changes, they start thinking like young persons. Therefore, in this case, the search for a young partner, as a rule, is limited to the rule of sex for one night.

3. One of the reasons for finding a young lover is when a woman tries to regain her youth, in action, in the event that her youth was interrupted by the need to give birth and bring up a child or several ones. Now the woman is ready and has the ultimate desire to bring in everything existing in her young years. Her children grew up and her husband does not satisfy her. A woman wants a celebration. She wants to live a full life. From this point of view, a young and, most importantly, an unmarried partner with whom all this can be implemented, is very suitable for her aspired relation.

4. Rarely the search for a younger partner is caused by a desire or necessity to give birth to a child. However, some women really think that it makes no sense to go into a relationship with an aged partner who cannot make them pregnant as the quality of the semen may be low. At these instances, it is more logical to have a young lover who will deliver the pleasure and become a good donor for conception.

In a relationship between a man and a woman, someone will always be older, and someone younger. The main thing is that both sides are happy with it.
There is nothing wrong with this situation when both partners are adults and responsible for their lives and actions. They can act without coercion. However, it is worth noting that long-term relationships at any age difference are possible only if the partners genuinely want to be together and work on a relationships. Love, care, and involvement in a family life will make the bonds strong, no matter what age difference there is between them. According to science, the 10-15-year-old difference between partners is sufficient for them to be “on the same page.” In case of a larger difference, age-related conflicts and misunderstandings may occur. However, every person determines for himself/herself what is the age gap he/she prefers to have between him/her and his/her partner. In this case, every case is different and  there are rules and exceptions.

Dating older women – types of cougars that males can’t resist

When it comes to younger men dating older women, there are a lot of different types of females. Some of them are so attractive that men simply can not resist them and end up using these online dating websites or apps.

So let us define these types of cougars:

1. Rich cougar. A lot of young males want to find older women in order to improve their financial well-being. There are many stories of this kind. Cougar who has funds can have any man she desires. In that case, she usually pays not for the sex part but because the partner is making her feeling younger than she is.

2. Hot cougar. Males often dating older women because these women have a great body. It can hardly be said that this type of cougars is the most common, because age still affects the skin and physical condition.

3. Sexy cougar. You can think that this type of cougar is the same as the previous one, but it is not. A hot cougar has natural beauty, whereas a sexy cougar simply very carefully takes care of herself. She can do plastic surgery, breast enlargement, puts on an excellent make-up, and the like, to look more youthful and sexy. This does not mean that such a cougar does not have natural beauty; she just tries to be more attractive. Usually, men think that they won the jackpot when they find sexy cougars. It is a good option for free dating for these men.

4. Smart cougar. Many men like smart women. Such women may not be attractive in the physical sense, but when males are close to them, they become soft as butter.

Of course, each man has his own tastes and preferences. Some like Asian cougar dating or black woman dating, while others prefer “classic” white older women dating.

Are older women dating the same as naughty dating?

Naughty dating is a mix of multiple things. It requires a man to feel free and without limitations when approaching a woman starting a conversation that is intended to impress her. This can happen anywhere, for example in the subway or in the store. However, few people have enough courage to start a conversation with sexual overtones immediately. Naughty dating differs significantly from dating with cougars (dating older women). Cougar dating requires a man of openness, sensuality and coquetry. At the same time, he should not cross the thin line of vulgarity. Usually, relationships with cougars are stable. A woman over patronizes a younger man, gives him gifts or money in exchange for sex or companionship.

There are many types of cougars. It all starts with a bored single woman who does not know what to do throughout the day, but has sexual fantasies, because her children no longer live with her, and her husband is the chairman of the board of directors in some big company. In such cases, you will find naughty females who are MILF, and they will gladly allow you to buy a drink and have sex.

Some older women dating sites & apps

How to date an older woman or younger man? First, you need to find an eventual partner. You can do this in a club, shopping mall, or even in the library. However, the most popular place for searching partners is the World Wide Web. There are a lot of free cougar dating sites (such as Adult Friend Finder, AgeMatch, and OlderWomenDating), which provide facilitated searches, profiles of users, reviews, and the like. Other websites offer cougars near me services.

If you want to search for cougars or cubs on your mobile device, you can download dating app for women & men. Among them are well known Tinder, CougarD, OlderWomenDating App, and Cougary App. Tinder is a universal dating application while other apps are more specified and  designed to senior dating and/or cougar dating.


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