Review of “M.I.L.F. $”, a music video performed by Fergie Duhamel!


“M.I.L.F. $” (sounding like “Milf Money”) is the single of American singer Fergie from her 2nd album Double Dutchess. The single was released on July 1, 2016; and the same day a music video appeared on Youtube channel of Fergie.

Who is Fergie?

Fergie is a famous American singer and actress. She is beautiful, artistic, talented and original. It is due to these qualities that Fergie became a well-known star. Much of her musical career is associated with Black Eyed Peas; but at some point of her career, Fergie has proved that she can be successful, popular and in demand also as a solo artist.

Fergie was born in 1975 in California. Her parents (Catholics) brought her up in strictness, but this did not prevent her from succeeding in show business.

To date, Fergie is one of the most popular R&B performers in the world. In many ways, she became famous thanks to her collaboration with William Adams, the soloist and producer of Black Eyed Peas. Together with Black Eyed Peas, Fergie released two albums. In parallel, she began her solo career. The singer signed an agreement with the popular cosmetic brand MAC and she is the face of the Viva Glam campaign, which donates funds to organizations that offer services to persons having HIV/AIDS.

Fergie also released a collection of designer shoes along with the famous brand Brown Shoe Footwear Collection and a line of youth bags called “Fergie for Kipling”.

In 2017, William Adams ( confirmed rumors that Fergie left the Black Eyed Peas group. The singer joined the band in 2002 and helped Black Eyed Peas gain popularity. However, for the past five years, Fergie did not participate in the band’s recordings. She switched to a solo career. The last time Fergie performed with Black Eyed Peas was in 2015.

Once Fergie declared that she was bisexual, she called her views on relations between sexes “very free”. This did not prevent her from happily marrying in 2009.

Fergie’s ex-husband, Josh Duhamel, is an actor. It cannot be said that he is a star of the first rank, but he has appeared in high-profile projects (including the famous film “Transformers”). He is older than his wife who, since the marriage, has become Fergie Duhamel. She kept this name for 2.5 years.

At the end of summer of 2013, there was a long-awaited event: Fergie Duhamel became a mother to her son Axl Jack. Unfortunately, in 2017, the marriage of Fergie and Josh came to an end.

Review of Fergie’s “M.I.L.F $”

From one side, the expression “Milf Money” is consonant with the expression “Milk Money”. It means money that parents give their children to buy milk at the school canteen.
From another side, the acronym MILF means “Mother I’m Like to Fuck” in slang language. This fantasy when a lot of young men want to date a MILF. In the video clip, this abbreviation is deciphered as “Moms I’d Like to Follow”. According to Fergie, they wanted to expand this concept, because “a woman also makes a career, take care of the family, but at the same time has time to take care of herself and be sexy”.

As we have already noted, in 2013 Fergie became a mother, she had a son, Axl Jack. According to her, it was this event that inspired her to write this song.

The video was directed by Colin Tilly, the filming took place in Los Angeles. Events in “M.I.L.F $” occur in several locations stylized in the style of the 50’s: a candy-colored town called “Milfville”, a spa room, a soda shop, and a classroom in the school. All the MILFs are dressed in flesh-colored swimsuits, they indulge themselves with spa  treatments from milk, and take milk baths. In the clip, several well-known mothers are posing with milk, trying to create a sexual image.

Two models starred in a video with their daughters. Fergie portrayed in the video the image of a teacher who says that it is very difficult for young mothers to work.

Actors in the video

In addition to Fergie, many well-known moms took part in the video: Kim Kardashian, Natasha Poly, Chrissy Teigen (along with her daughter Luna), Alessandra Ambrosio (with her daughter Anya), Ciara, Gemma Ward, Amber Valletta, and many others. Men’s roles were performed by John Cortacharen, as a milkman; and Jordan Barrett, as a bartender.

Daughter of Teigen, Luna, was 3 weeks old when the clip was recorded; so, the team took extra precautions on the set. According to Teigen, the set was indoor, the air conditioning was turned off, and people were sanitized. Teigen was accompanied by her husband John Legend on set.

Costumes in the music video

The preparation of the costumes for the video (by the Swedish stylist B. Åkerlund) took 2 weeks. Add to this time another 2 weeks to test  the cast & select costumes and accessories for actors. Teigen was in an outfit, made by Moschino Couture, during the scene where he breastfed his daughter. For the milk bath scene, Kardashian wore an excellent bodysuit made by designer Atsuko Kudo, to give the illusion that she was naked. Fergie was in a yellow crop top.

Criticism of the music video

Alexa Camp (a criticist) noted that this is not a hit single, but as an intro for the album. It sounds well. Some critics say the concept of the video is doing mothers a disservice by sexualizing breast milk and providing “a distorted view of motherhood.”


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