The Best Asian Women (Cougar) Dating Websites Reviews Online.


Each man has his own preferences. Some prefer to meet cougars using best free cougar dating sites, some choose American women, while others prefer Asian females and try to find them on the Internet (at free websites and pay sites).

Asian women dating – why females from Asia are popular?

It should be noted that most Western men like Western women. However, many men are looking for a woman from other countries. Asian women dating specifically is popular. Why?

The Asian female will never allow herself to humiliate her partner in public. She will not discuss personal information about family life with her lady-friends. Even when she allows herself to do this, her Asian girlfriend will never tell anyone this info. An Asian woman is as busy as a bee, she persistently studies and works, while not forgetting to create a home coziness. She does not complain about her husband’s income. She also tries not to interfere in her male partner’s relationship with former women, relatives, and friends.

Asian wife will calmly accept the situation, when instead of the planned visit to the concert, her husband spends the evening on the TV. She may not like it like any other female, but she will never make hysterics about it, she will not take offense for a week, but will calmly and respectfully inform her husband of her sadness in the next day. Such things were told by men about their Asian wives.

In addition to the feminine qualities of Asian wives, many social moments work in their favor, there are a number of very obvious factors in Western Europe that promote the popularity of Asians. For example, it is the opportunity to mix business with pleasure – a man goes on vacation to sunny Thailand to spend a vacation there and at the same time get acquainted with a potential bride. Warm sea, delicious food, romantic atmosphere, you know, actively contribute to the development of feelings. It’s unlikely that a man will want to spend his vacation somewhere in the North. In addition, there are a lot of great websites that offer men the service of dating Asian women.

Popularity of dating Asian women – other reasons

It’s funny, at first glance, but even cookbooks contribute to the popularity of Asians. In addition to the dishes of national cuisine, Italian and French cuisines, Asian cuisine has an important place in a multiple of cookbooks. Dishes from rice, veggies and fish not only look attractive in images, but also are known as a cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle, men’s sexual power, and beauty of females. Many men are proud of themselves and boast of their ability of cooking sushi or picking the right soy sauce. They can also boast of their Asian girlfriend or wife.

Scientists explain the fact of the popularity of Asian females also by the fact that they have kept their adherence to the patriarchal lifestyle, where the male is given the central role in the family. White men in Europe and the US are tired of feminism and the implementation of “gender equality” rules. One of the options to restore the “traditional state of affairs” for them is a wife from undeveloped countries, where the male continues to rule both at home and in society. But, perhaps, the simplest explanation of the phenomenon of Asian wives lies right before your eyes. This is a matter of well-being. Usual amenities for a white woman are luxurious conditions for Asians. The average income for a white wife is a quality lifestyle for Asian women and her future children. The poorest West European man can give himself a completely divine status in the eyes of his beloved woman for a relatively small sum of money, so who would refuse such an opportunity?

How to find and date Asian women?

Asian females commonly hang out at one of three places: the shopping mall, the library, or Pinkberry. Alternatively, you can find them at appropriate websites. It should be noted that at these sites, you can find both young Asian women and older females from Asia (the so-called cougars).

It does not matter where you go with an Asian female on a 1st date as long as you maintain the following themes of conversation: food products, fashion, and making fun of other Asian people. If by the end of the date, a girl (woman) laughs into her napkin or Eastern handheld fan, you have got yourself a 2nd date.

Websites that offer Asian cougar dating

Asian cougar dating is offered by many websites on the World Wide Web. According to users’ reviews and Google statistics, the top existing websites are AsianDating and Mingle2. For instance, AsianDating is one of the biggest and most trusted websites around. It connects over 2.5 million members from different states of the world. It is part of a large network called Cupid Media, which has a lot of dating websites offering search facilities, user-friendly interface, and dating advice for women & men.

Check twice Asian cougar dating free websites

Sometimes free & cheap websites can be engaged in fraudster activity. Make sure that the connection on the site is secure (https), and do not share very sensitive information about yourself. If there is no need for a registered address on the site, it is likely to be fraudulent.

If you don’t want to find Asian women because you like older American or European females, you can use cougar dating app or specialized websites offering older women dating younger men services.


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