The First Joint Trip with Your Beloved One: How Not to Spoil Relations!


Spending a holiday with your loved one can be the most vivid and memorable event in your life. However, after a joint vacation, couples often part (and a man starts to meet local cougars) or have a big argument. If you don’t want your leisure time to cause falling-out, follow the recommendations below.

1. Plan a trip together

Each partner should be given equal responsibilities for organizing the upcoming holiday. When you work together on a travel plan, the blame for possible mistakes and emergency situations will rest on both of you.

It is worth going to the other corner of the planet, which none of you have been to before. If you are the initiator of a trip to a country that you already know; then, you need to be ready to take the blame, in case of an unsuccessful trip.

A good way to choose a place for a trip is to separately compose your own list of countries that you have long dreamed of visiting. The most important places for you should be on the top of your list. Comparing the destinations on both lists, find the point of intersection of your desires. This will be the place for your joint trip.

2. Solve the financial problem in advance

If it seems to you that, in your relationship, the problem of finance was solved long ago, and all monetary obligations are correctly distributed; then, a joint holiday can show you the opposite. Planning a travel budget is a key factor in determining which country you can go to, where you can stay, and what kind of entertainment you can afford. Therefore, all financial issues should be discussed in advance. Do not let money-based conflicts spoil your holiday.

There are several optimal options. The first variant is splitting half the expenses. As a result, you will plan your trip, taking into account the financial possibilities of the partner who earns less. The second option is relying on a better-off partner who will bear some of the expenses of their beloved one.

3. Try to limit yourself to the bare essentials

This tip applies more to the beautiful half of humanity. Going on holidays, many girls take with them almost half of their wardrobe. Therefore, you should approach the packing process more rationally. Your second half should not have to carry around a lot of things that will not even wear.

4. Plan a vacation that both of you will like

Travelers are different. Some are ready to explore the landmarks and visit memorable sites all day long, while others prefer a more relaxed atmosphere with the opportunity to relax. Sometimes, one partner belongs to the first type, and the second – to the opposite. As a result, such differences can make the holiday just unbearable for one of you.

To avoid this scenario, discuss in advance the tourist attractions you want to visit, as well as activities you are interested in. If your desires do not coincide at some points, do not be afraid to spend your leisure time in different ways.

5. Be prepared for the fact that you will be together all the time

When on vacation you have a lot of time to get to know each other, to tell interesting stories from the past or share your views on life. However, one day you can realize that the topics for discussion have simply ended. The best way to solve this problem is having a big holiday full of a host of vivid impressions and new discoveries that you can discuss for hours.

It is necessary to supplement the previous paragraph. If your views on holiday are different, then you should seriously consider the option of spending time separately from each other, at some instances. For example, while one is enjoying reading a featured book at a hotel, the other is learning to surf, cutting off coastal waves. Also, having small breaks is an excellent option for those who, in spite of their strong feelings, are emotionally unable to spend so much time in the company of just one person.

6. Joint travel is an excellent test for your relationship

You have to go on a holiday together, at least for the sake of understanding whether you really match each other. A joint vacation is a turning point; after which, you will understand if you want to spend the rest of your life together.

However, the most important ingredient of a successful and happy holiday is mutual love. Even if you consider all the recommendations above, without sincere feelings, they will not help you organize an ideal trip with your second half.


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