Tips for Cougars – 8 Good Habits that will Help You Become Smarter!


The recommendations contained in this article are not miraculous tools that can turn you into a genius. You, probably, know many of these tips already. However, despite their simplicity, most people do not follow such useful simple habits, capable of helping them develop mental, analytical and creative abilities, as well as logic and memory. Therefore, it is worth recalling them, once again.

1. Generate at least one new idea every day

Start a special daily notebook and write down new ideas and interesting thoughts. They can relate to effective solutions for life problems, or even describe the content of your future book or movie. Why not? Think in all possible directions, creativity has no framework. Such exercise, aimed at developing creativity, will help you become more creative in your work and personal life.

2. Consider situations from different points of view

If the opinion of another person is different from yours, this does not mean that this person is wrong. You, also, can make mistakes. Therefore, learn to analyze different points of view, devising for them both arguments and counterarguments. Try to understand why this person thinks this way. Put yourself in the shoes of other people and try to understand their motives. It teaches you to think critically, broadens the worldview and helps you understand what is happening around you.

3. Read a variety of literature, watch videos and find online courses

Reading is a very useful habit, for those who want to think more broadly. The optimal speed is one book a week. Art books, full of exciting stories and different characters help you imagine yourself in a wide variety of life situations. You can endure a lot of valuable, capable of influencing the way of life and thinking from properly selected literature. Art books should be alternated with popular science books. The latter is the source of a vast amount of knowledge in a variety of disciplines.

It is also recommended to watch a video that contains educational material. Instead of watching the next series of the serial, spend this time more productively. For example, subscribe to a YouTube channel, providing quality educational content and watch videos that are most interesting for you.

Take a course on one of the educational platforms. Online education is becoming more and more demanded nowadays. Naturally, the passage of a whole course will require you to spend more time and take more efforts; but, self-education is a very important part of self-development. In addition, this is an excellent opportunity to work on your own discipline and improve your time management skills. There is a huge choice of online courses; so, you will definitely find something incredibly interesting for yourself.

4. Expand your vocabulary

You can learn new foreign words or the terms of the native dialect previously unknown to you. Develop a habit – learn at least one new word every day. This will help you not only develop your memory and enrich the vocabulary; but, also broaden your horizons.

5. Play development games

Today, there are many applications, based on the game form, which will help to develop logical thinking, memory and creativity. It is a great idea to arrange an evening for some games with your family or friends.

6. New experience is an incentive for personal development

Constantly developing and mastering new skills, you maintain your abilities. You will also learn more about the incredible possibilities of your body and mind. For example, sign up for painting or oratory courses, master one of the graphics editors; or, visit the robotics club.

7. Search for answers to your questions

If you have questions, encourage your curiosity and try to find answers to them. By analyzing just one interesting question per day, you will become much more erudite within a short period of time.

8. Get a notebook

Make up abstracts, and then periodically review them, if you want to keep new knowledge in your memory for a long time. The process of writing helps to absorb the material better. It will be much easier to remember it.

The recommendations listed above will not make you a genius. However, they will definitely help you become smarter and more educated, which will allow you to be popular at cougar dating sites.


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